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High speed rail in other countries

As the high speed rail debate heats up, there is a lot of interest in what regional impact other countries have experienced with high speed rail (HSR). As an example, we have recently heard that some high speed services in … Continue reading

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Which will it be – HS2 or local transport investment in the regions?

It is increasingly argued that HS2 will be ‘in the national interest’ because it will have a ‘transformational effect’ on collapsing the economic divide between ‘the north and the south’. This is an astonishing argument. Why would one rail line … Continue reading

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How will high speed rail impact on the West Midlands economy?

High speed rail (HSR) and specifically the current government proposal for an initial line running from London to Birmingham and Staffordshire (HS2) will, so it is claimed, have a major impact on the economy of the West Midlands. The Chancellor … Continue reading

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