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HS2 – transforming regional economies or a costly white elephant? The verdict of independent experts

HS2 would be the biggest and most costly infrastructure project ever undertaken in the UK. Will it really provide the huge economic benefits claimed, or is it destined to become our next ‘Concorde’ – technologically very sexy, but financially a … Continue reading

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Lies, damned lies….and HS2 jobs claims

Amid the barrage of claims about the allegedly ‘transformative’ numbers of jobs which HS2 would create in the regions, it is easy to overlook several ‘inconvenient facts’: What does the government claim? The government claims that HS2 would ‘help to … Continue reading

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HS2: Maker of some cities but breaker of others?

The announcement of the proposed route of HS2 Phase 2 to Manchester and Leeds has reignited the arguments about whether HS2 would reduce the North-South divide in economic prosperity and dynamism. Much has been made by supporters of HS2 (eg … Continue reading

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